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Ecological Conservation

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Environmental Restoration
Drawing from the ideas, experience and technologies of others, enhance the degree of forest management, expedite environment restoration and promote natural ecological processes.

Ecological Conservation

Bio-diversity protection: Set up a bio-diversity demonstration area and popularize advanced technologies.
Wetland protection: Establish a wetland conservation area; restore wetlands for their various benefits.
Forest fireproofing: launch a forest fire hazard rating and supervision system for fire prevention and control.
Forest Health protection: Monitor and manage insect and disease pests: incorporate remote sensing technology, impact prediction and biological control including use of natural enemies and quarantine protocols.
High-value forest protection:  Identify, describe and protect forests valuable for environmental, social or economic reasons.

Green City Building

Introduce advanced ideas, suitable plant selection, urban forestry and greenbelt management technology, as well as resource protection and utilization protocols to build a green Beijing.

Integrated River Basin Management
Establish community participation in sustainable natural resource management for river basins, including a model to demonstrate enhanced capacity for community development.

Environmental Training and Capacity Development

International Training: Set up an international training network for ecology and the environment to provide training on current technical problems in our China.
Community Training: raise the consciousness of forest farmers, peasants, and middle school students toward environmental protection and the environmentally friendly development.

Green Industries

Seek international support for green industries and build a platform for cooperation between Beijing and foreign enterprises.
Fruit Industry:      Introduce organic farming technologies and methods to enhance abilities to market and distribute products.
Horticulture Industry: Production and processing technology for high quality varieties, including seedling and seed production; production management and marketing technology; research and develop local premium flower varieties; cooperate with international horticultural enterprises in establishing seed supplies.
Eco-tourism:  Design forest urban and rural landscapes and develop and manage scenic areas, while harmonizing the interests of the tourist industry with a healthy forest environment; publicize the role of forests for society, the economy and the environment.
Forest carbon sequestration:   Cooperate with partners in the implementation of carbon sequestration projects.

International Exchanges
Organize various international or domestic seminars and forums concerning eco-environment; organize oversea study tours and trainings; organize the edition, translation and publishing of all sorts of publications associated with the industry.

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